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Hylian Shield Test fit by finaformsora
Hylian Shield Test fit
  I got quite a bit done today if I say so myself. The original wooden handle I carved broke at the joint when I was twisting a piece onto it, so I decided to use pvc instead.

  I started cutting and fitting the pvc together, no glue yet. I drilled the holes into the back half of the shield and the handle fits nicely. I'll need to cut the couplings and caps to make it a little bit shorter. I need to drill some recesses in the back of the front half for the caps to fit into.

 The leather also came in today, although the dye was missing, so I measured and punched the arm strap for the shield. It has three holes for adjusting based on your forearm size. I cut recesses into the strap holders to hold the straps. I also cut a line through the shield and into a recess for the leather to slide into when adjusting to the inner holes. I still need to epoxy nuts into the shield to tightly screw the strap holders on, because the screws in right now are just holders.

And lastly, I'm nearly finished with the sheath so expect a primed sheath pic tomorrow or thursday
Mastersword Scabbard wip 2 by finaformsora
Mastersword Scabbard wip 2
Slowly getting this done. It's a bit of a pain trying to make these exact copies of each other, but I'm hoping I'll finish before the leather that will go around the details gets here. I'm just building up bondo, flattening it with a grinder, then sanding back the edges, and repeat until finished. I'll probably use dowels or biscuits when I glue this together for a stronger bond. 

As it turns out, the buyer already had the shoulder straps to hold this which saved me quite a bit of work and money, which means I only need to make the strap that will go around the loops on the side of the sheath and attach to the shoulder strap.
Hylian Shield wip 2 by finaformsora
Hylian Shield wip 2
Welp I'm made some progress today since it was actually dry out today, what with the hurricane here on the east coast. I realize that the shield looks a bit off in this picture. I'm pretty sure the semicircle on the upper left decorative piece was angled wrong, and the left side of the bottom outline on the triforce is a bit too wide, but there's still plenty of sanding to do anyway.

I primed it just before I took the pic which is why it looks wet. I tend to prime it every now and then to get a clear look at it and see where I sand the next time. The wooden handle I was making for the back of this broke while twisting it into a wider base piece, so I've decided to use pvc instead so it will flex and be a bit stronger. I ordered the leather for the arm strap yesterday. 
Hylian Shield wip by finaformsora
Hylian Shield wip
The shield will be the last thing I finish on this project. I still need to finish carving the two bottom pieces before gluing them on and sanding the whole front of the shield. Then I need to finish the triforce, and some small details on the top of the shield. THEN I need to make a handle and two pieces to hold the arm strap, and bolt the front and back together.

This is just gonna take a little bit of time. My goal is to have everything primed and ready for paint before mid-October.
Mastersword Closeup wip by finaformsora
Mastersword Closeup wip
Just need to sand out the spot putty and prime it one last time before topcoating with black gloss, then on to paint.

  So I've recently started a new project in which I will make the master sword and sheath and hylian shield. The long term plan will be to make a mold and cast these from plastic, but for right now I need to focus on making the wooden masters. I think I'll still need some practice casting before I can move onto large molds like these. As you know, I already posted some pictures showing the sword and shield layers cut out. As of today, I've finished carving the "wings" on the guard and all that's left on the sword is the center section including the handle, pommel, gem, and the bottom of the blade.

Right now the sword weighs less than 2 pounds, the shield is 13, and I can assume the sheath will be around 3. I still have to carve the front of the shield and hollow the back of the front half which should take off around 5 pounds. I put up a new youtube video here if you want to see the progress from yesterday.



Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
United States
Hey, everyone! I'm a hobby woodworker/propmaker. Once I become great at what I do, I will refer to myself as a professional. I look forward to the day I am as good as volpin props, or deviantart's own RocknBlock and woodcarve.

How to commission me:

You can send a message to me on here or any of the profiles listed at the bottom of this text. When you send the request, please provide the prop name, the material you would like it to be made from, when you need it by, and any special details.
For a custom prop, also provide one or two reference images.

For payment, I'll need half of the cost when I start and the other half when I finish. Paypal is the preferred payment method. If you live close enough, we could also arrange to meet in person to trade off. If I happen to be going to a con you are going to, we might be able to meet there, as well.

Keep in mind that I usually have other orders and it may be a while before I can get to yours.

Orders can be for any anime, tv, or video game weapon or accessory. Pretty much anything goes unless it's impossible for me at the time or for anyone.

My Pai Sho rules:…
If that link doesn't work, try this one and click on the download tab:…

YouTube account:…


*NEW* FB page:…

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Wow it really has been a while. XD I'm good, I'm working on the hylian sword and shield but i've been working so slow since i got more hours at my day job. How have you been? 

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Thank you! I'm not currently taking commissions since it takes too long to make anything with all the time i spend at my day job and I plan to increase those hours. If, however, I still have enough time after I increase my hours, I may take one or two orders.
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